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ART EXPERIENCES at the Lawrence Arts Center encourage students of all ages and experience levels to experiment, explore, and deepen understanding of art while making lasting connections. Classes fit a variety of schedules, experience levels and interests.

The Lawrence Arts Center Education Program offers:

• A welcoming community

• A culture of confidence building

• A diverse community

• An environment that encourages teamwork and responsibility

• A learning experience that balances guidance and independence

• Teachers who demonstrate clear and consistent dedication to their students

• Growth oriented instruction

Students participating in the Lawrence Arts Center’s education programs:

• Learn in and through the arts

• Practice, critical thinking and apply problem solving skills in the classroom

• Guide their own creative process

• Learn the importance of art in their lives and their community

At The Lawrence Arts Center, our education program is founded on the believe that:

• Learning is ongoing, life-long and happens in every moment, both inside and outside the classroom or studio.

• The role of an education program is to support the pursuit of a person’s interests and to connect people with examples of where their ambition and commitment can lead them.

• Innovation, skill and commitment take practice. The arts are the perfect place for this practice.

• It is the role of the staff and faculty to care about and understand both their art form and their students.

• All interactions that take place inside this building have the potential for positive impact on a person’s life.

Focus for All Ages:

Creativity: Demonstrating originality and inventiveness in work, and being open and responsive to new materials, processes, environments and perspectives

Innovation:  Developing, implementing, and communicating new ideas; acting on creative ideas to make tangible and useful contributions in the field, the community, and the world

Pre-K – K focus:

Communication:  Conveying thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speech, movement and artwork

1st-2nd grade focus:

Flexibility and Adaptability: Adapting to new or varied roles, responsibilities and expectations; working effectively in new environments, with new activities and expectations

3rd-5th grade focus:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Exercising sound reasoning in understanding, making complex choices and decisions; understanding the interconnections among subjects and situations;  asking questions that clarify various points of view and lead to better solutions; framing, analyzing and synthesizing information to solve problems and answer questions.

6th-8th grade focus:

Initiative and Self Direction:  Understanding one’s interests and learning needs, exploration and expansion of one’s own learning and opportunities to gain expertise, Utilizing time efficiently and managing workload, Defining, prioritizing, and completing tasks without direct oversight, Demonstrating initiative to advance skill levels toward a goal, Demonstrating commitment to learning

9th-12th Grade:

Productivity and Accountability: Setting and meeting appropriate standards and goals for delivering high-quality work on time, Demonstrating diligence and a positive work ethic (e.g., being punctual and reliable) and ethical behavior, Acting responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind, Demonstrating diligence and a positive work ethic

Adult focus:

Social and Cross Cultural Skills: Working productively with others; leveraging the collective intelligence of groups;  bridging cultural differences and using differing perspectives to increase innovation and the quality of work; leveraging new connections to increase community vibrancy, sense of belonging and civic pride.